# Introduction

Welcome to the Full Help API Reference! This documentation describes all the API endpoints available in the help desk system.

You can use this API to integrate your systems with your Full Help software instance. For example, each time a customer register an account on your application, you could register it on your help desk. Or you could create a custom contact page where your customers can submit inquiries from within your application; you then receive and reply those inquiries from within your help desk instance.

For questions, suggestions or to report issues, please don't hesitate to send us a note(opens new window) .

A note on backward compatibility:

We are constantly improving and extending the help desks' API, with this in mind, this is a list of changes we consider are backward compatible:

  • Making a required field optional
  • Adding new optional fields
  • Changing default page length
  • Adding new API endpoints
  • Adding new resources
  • Adding new relations

Backward incompatible changes will result in endpoints having an incremented version prefix.

# In progress

  • 📝 Site metrics api reference